Best Online Business Schools & Degrees

Earning an online business degree can lead to a variety of new career opportunities. Here, we list this year’s most affordable online business degree programs.

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Online Bachelors Degree in Business

Students pursuing an online business degree can choose from many specializations, such as accounting, business management, and marketing. This choice helps learners align their education with their career goals. Regardless of their specialization, all degree-seekers take core classes. These may include principles of management, concepts in marketing, and managing in a global business environment.

Typical admission requirements include a high school or GED diploma. Graduates can use their affordable business degree to explore different career paths, such as sales manager, hospital CEO, or human resources officer. These and other jobs may require additional education or training.

This page lists some of the most affordable business degrees. Read on to learn about costs, common classes, and potential specializations for business students.

Questions About Business Degrees

question-mark-circle icon Can I get an online degree in business?

Many top colleges and universities offer online business degrees. Learners complete coursework 100% online. An online format lets degree-seekers attend the most affordable program in any state.

question-mark-circle icon What do business majors study?

Business majors study many topics, including accounting, marketing, and business law and ethics. Some degree-seekers supplement their online education with an in-person internship.

question-mark-circle icon What is the most popular business major?

Business specializations that may lead to in-demand and well-paying careers include project management, entrepreneurship, and finance. These and other options require many upper-division electives.

Online Business Programs

Find a program that meets your affordability, flexibility, and education needs through an accredited, online school.

Why Get a Degree in Business?

Business degrees’ online programs provide students with academic flexibility and the ability to explore many careers. Bachelor’s degree-holders can apply for entry-level jobs or an MBA program. MBA graduates can explore leadership jobs. Some graduates work toward becoming certified public accountants.

Online business degrees help students living worldwide advance their education. Learners do not relocate to attend class. Many programs run asynchronously, letting enrollees complete assignments when convenient. However, students must still meet their professors’ deadlines and finish classes by their end date.