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Finally the most awaited show by our favourite Bhuvan Bam –  ‘Dhindora’ is out, episode 1 is already released on YouTube (BB Ki Vines’ channel). This show is created by the very talented “Bhuvan Bam”. You will see such amazing characters in this series played by Bhuvan.

Dhindora Episode 2 honest review – 

Dhindora episode 2 has already been released today on youtube. And all BB ki Vines fans have already posted positive feedback for this episode. So today we are here to give you an honest review of Dhindora episode 2. 

The review is totally positive because Dhindora is an amazing show. The show is very interesting to watch. If you ever feel bored, you can just watch this show. Story of both the episodes were great to watch. Most of us can relate the story which is based on the middle class life in which they face problems and have a good time together.

Dhindora episode 2 story – 

 First you will see the preview of episode one. So that all the viewers can remember the episode one story in their minds. After that episode 2 story starts, Bhuvan and his friend both eat pani puri. At the same time Bhuvan’s father calls him but he doesn’t hear because of the noise. Suddenly one car crashed into Babloo (Bhuvan’s father) and a crowd formed. Then Bhuvan and his friend take him to hospital. Sameer and his mother both went to hospital. 

Finally after some time, his father awakened but sadly he lost his memory. Now what will Bhuvan and his mother do? 

The comedy scenes in the hospital are very amazing. And funny. Dhindora is full of humour and fun. You can say any negative thing about this show. Overall both the episodes of Dhindora are good but one thing is that the duration of episode 2 is too short. The duration of 2 epsiode is only 14 min 54 secs (including recap of first episode).

After episode 1 and 2, all the BB fans are eagerly waiting for the third episode. And they don’t have to wait long enough because the third episode will be released on 28 October. Bhuvan Bam got positive reviews from the audience. Because they know that BB is very talented, he always creates masterpieces. 

You have to use earphones while watching this show. Because there are a few abusive words used in the show. So if you haven’t not watched it yet, then. Click on the link below to watch. 

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Who is Bhuvan in real life ?

Bhuvan Bam is one of the finest creators in India. He is famous for his vines videos and has 21+ million subscribers on Youtube. One of the most subscribed youtuber in India. His YouTube channel name is ‘BB ki Vines’. First he had a great interest in music and he always desired to become a musician. He started his YouTube journey in 2015.

Bhuvan Bam is very happy as his first web series has been released. In one interview Bhuvan said that he and his team have worked over 3 years on this project.

In the show you will see Bhuvan playing 9 roles. He is an expert in doing such things. Well our review is that, Dhindora is a very amazing show to watch. Rating this show is excellent; 9.9 out of 10.

Bhuvan has dedicated this series to his Aayi and Baba. Because he loves them so much but months back he lost his parents.  Few days later he felt very sad for the loss of his parents but later on he decided to do more hard work so that his Aayi and Baba will make him proud.

Dhindora episode 2 story – 

First there will be a preview of the first episode. So that people can remember what happened in the first episode. 

Dhindora episode 2 watch on YouTube – 

Finally episode 2 has also been released on BB ki Vines YouTube channel. The duration of this episode is 14 mins 54 secs. The story of this episode is amazing and interesting. 

Dhindora all episodes list with release date – 

Episode 1: Lag Gayi (already released)

Episode 2: Baasi Roti (already released)

Episode 3: Nano Thug Lenge (on 28 October 2021)

Episode 4: Saste Sherlock (on 4 November 2021)

Episode 5: Erection in Progress (11 November 2021)

Episode 6: DTYDHTB (18 November 2021)

Episode 7: Toota ek Taara (25 November 2021)

Episode 8: Samay ka Pahiya ( 2 December 2021)

Important information about Dhindora – 

Title : Dhindora

No. of Seasons : 1

No. Of Episodes : 8

Genre : Drama, Entertainment and Comedy

Language : Hindi 

Country of origin : India 

Created by : Bhuvan Bam

Director – Himank Gaur 

Producer – Rohit Raj 

Network – YouTube 

Dhindora episode 2 cast (Main Cast) :- 

• Bhuvan Bam as various Characters (Bhuvan, Sameer, Babloo, Janki and more)

• Gayatri Bhardwaj as Dr. Tara

• Anup Soni as reporter/narrator. 

Conclusions –

So above we have a review of Dhindora episode 2 BB ki Vines. Almost all of us like the show. People also said that Bhuvan has created a masterpiece. If you haven’t watched the second episode then above we have added the direct link.

Thanks for visiting our website and I hope your like reading our article. 

FAQ – 

• What is the duration of episode 2 of Dhindora ?

The duration of the second episode is very short i.e., 14 minutes 54 seconds only. First few minutes you will recap the first episode. 

• When will Dhindora episode 3 be release ?

Dhindora episode 3 will be released on 28 October 2021. 

• Will there be season 2 of Dhindora?

It is not official yet, but it can be expected if Dhindora gets enough love from the audience. Bhuvan will surely create the second chapter of the show.

Bhuvan Bam, an Indian Youtuber with more than 20 million subscribers. He is the first youtuber in India. Bhuvan is well known for his vines or comedy videos. Bhuvan is not only a comedy video creator, he is also a writer, singer and songwriter. His channel name is ‘BB Ki Vines’. Most people call him “BB”. 

As of 2021 he has more than 20 million subscribers on his YouTube channel ‘BB Ki Vines’. Recently Bhuvan has created his own web series “Dhindora”. The first episode of this series was already released on YouTube (on 14-October-2021). 

There are a total 8 episodes in the show and the name of the first episode is “Lag Gayi”. 

If you haven’t not watched the first episode yet, then open YouTube and search for Dhindora. It will show you the first episode on the top. The duration of the first episode is 21 minutes and 52 seconds. Bhuvan has dedicated Dhindora web series to his parents who recently passed away. Bhuvan is very very close to his Aayi Baba. So his first web series is dedicated to them. He started working hard on this show so that his parents will be proud of him. And after a few months he came back with a masterpiece named “Dhindora”. All his YouTube friends have also supported him in this. 

Most people say that this show is going to be an amazing and iconic because it’s created by one and only “Bhuvan Bam” who is multi-talented and also because you will see the cameo of top youtubers of India in Dhindora (such as Ashish Chanchlani, Carryminati, Harsh Beniwal, Round2hell team, Gaurav Taneja and many more. Whole YouTube India community is supporting Bhuvan. Rating of the show is 9.8 out of 10. 

Many of us can relate the story of Dhindora. Because this is a series based on the life of a middle class family. All the dialogues are great, the story is the best and the direction is perfect. And after watching the first episode we think that it made enough money to create this show, which is a good thing.

You might think can we watch this show with our family or not? The answer may be, because the use of abusive words has been done in the show. And some comedy scenes which you might like to sit and watch with your family. 

After Bhuvan released the trailer on YouTube. It is trending #1 on YouTube. The trailer has more than 20 million views. Also it is trending on twitter, this is called the hard work done by Bhuvan Bam. 

Dhindora web series trailer – 

Almost all of us have watched the trailer of Dhindora. And we know that this is going to be an all time best show in India. Because there is our favourite “Bhuvan Bam”. One week ago Bhuvan dropped Trailer in his YouTube channel. And after a few days he released the first episode of this show. Go and watch the trailer if you haven’t watched it yet.

Dhindora episode 1 review – 

Dhindora’s first episode is just amazing. This is the masterpiece created by Bhuvan Bam. All the camera angles are perfect, direction is awesome and full of humour. When Devraj Patel appears.

Dhindora Episode 2 release date – 

The second episode of Dhindora will be released on 21st October 2021. You can watch this episode for free of cost. Because it will be released on YouTube. 

Where to watch Dhindora ? 

All the episodes of Dhindora will be released on Youtube. So you can watch it for free and enjoy it. This is the best thing, more and more people can watch this show because it is available for free. 

Click on the below to watch Dhindora episode 1 – 

( add the link here ) 

Dhindora web series on YouTube – 

Dhindora web series is available for free on YouTube so that many people can watch the show. Just search “Dhindora” and enjoy watching it. The series is full of comedy and humour. 

Dhindora web series total episodes – 

There are a total of 8 episodes in this show and each episode will be released on Thursday of every week until it ends. The duration of each episode will be 20 min to 45 min. 

Dhindora web series episodes list –  

All the 8 episodes list of Dhindora is mentioned below – 

1. Lag Gayi

2. Baasi Roti

3. Nano Thug Lenge

4. Saste Sherlock

5. Erection in progress


7. Toota Ek Taara 

8. Samay Ka Pahiya 

Dhindora Web Series download – 

You can also watch Dhindora web series offline by downloading it on your YouTube playlist. So that if you have less internet data then you can download it and watch whenever you want in your spare time.

Watch Dhindora full web series – 

You will not be able to see a full web series at a time. Because there will be one episode per week (on Thursday). After Bhuvan releases all the episodes then only you can watch the full show at a time. Recently there is one first episode released, which is available for free on YouTube. 

Dhindora Episode 1 Story – 

This story of the series is based on a family drama starring Bhuvan Bam. In this show Bhuvan has played multiple roles at a time. There are also some funny and amazing characters you will see in the series.

In the story, Bhuvan belongs to a Middle class family. One day Bhuvan’s father Babloo went to his office and he hears one good news for his promotion. But unfortunately his boss made him senior with less salary. After that he is going to his house and he meets with one guy who gives Babloo one lottery ticket. 

He scratched the lottery ticket and luckily he won that lottery prize. He was very happy. He calls his wife (Bhuvan’s mother) and tells her about the lottery. She also gets very happy and dances in front of telemarketing baba. The rest is suspense for all of us. And we all believe that the rest of the episodes are going to be more interesting to watch. 

Now we will see what will be the reaction of Bhuvan after hearing lottery news from his parents. Because he always warps his parents for being middle class. Now he will be more happy to hear this news. 

This is going to be one of the best web series in India. Because the rating of the show is already very positive. Almost 98% of people like this show.

More information about Dhindora Web Series – 

Created by – Bhuvan Bam 

Story and Dialogues – Bhuva Bam 

Total episodes – 8 

Director – Himank Gaur 

Producer – Rohit Raj

Editor – Rishabh Malhotra 

Streaming Network – YouTube 

Singers – Kailash Kher, Rekha Bhardwaj, Bhuvan Bam

Filming Location – India 

Langauge – Hindi 

Production Company – BB Ki Vines 

Dhindora BB ki Vines Cast – 

• Bhuvan Bam played 9 roles in this show (such as Sameer, Babloo, mother, father and more).

• Gayatri Bhardwaj as Tara

• Anup Soni as Anup Soni (Self)

• Badri Chavan as Rickshaw Guy

• Ishtiyak Khan as Boss 

• Jeeveshu Ahluwalia as Chef 

• Rajesh Tailang as Paarshad 

• Arun Kushwaha as Telemarketing Baba 

• Devraj Patel as Student 

• Ankur Pathak as Lottery boy

Conclusion – 

Hope you like reading this article. If you have not watched episode one of Dhindora then why are you waiting, go and watch it? 

Frequently Asked Question For Dhindora –

• Who has written the story of the Dhindora Web series ? 

The story is written by Bhuvan Bam, who has created this web series. 

• Did Bhuvan Bam play 9 roles in Dhindora ? 

Yes, he has played 9 roles in this show. This is a very great thing about Bhuvan, he is really very talented. 

• What is the budget of the Dhindora web series ? 

There is no official news from Bhuvan Bam or his team. But several news articles came out about the budget of Dhindora. And the expected budget was 30Cr.  

• Will there be some other youtubers in Dhindora ? 

Yes, you will see many Indian Youtubers. Some of them are – Carryminati, Ashish Chanchlani, Harsh Beniwal, Gaurav Taneja, Triggered Insaan and more.

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