Dhindora Episode 3 Review

Today, Bhuvan Bam has finally uploaded Dhindora episode 3 on his YouTube channel. All the Dhindora fans are eagerly waiting for this episode. Fans said that it’s hard to cut time after each episode by waiting for another episode. The duration of this episode is 16 mins 50 secs. Bhuvan Bam is the only Indian Youtuber who has created the web show. In a recent interview he has said that, years ago I have decided to do something big in my life. So he decided to make a show and now he has dedicated this show to his parents who died due to Covid. When you start watching the show you will see one picture, which is of Bhuvan’s parents and he has written ‘This is for you Aayi and Baba’ below. This is such a great thought by Bhuvan.

We are here to give an honest review of Dhindora episode 3. This is our review about the show. If you want to tell your opinion about this series then you can comment below so that we can read your review about Dhindora. Read the full article. 

Dhindora episode 3 honest review

This episode is also amazing like all the previous episodes. If you are looking for a timepass, then you must watch this show, three episodes have already been released.

In this episode you will see some more characters which is player by Bhuvan. And definitely you will remember all of them. These all are the characters you have seen  earlier in BB ki Vines YouTube videos. BB used to play all these Characters in short YouTube videos. All the character of Bhuvan Bam is amazing, that no one can hate this man. Because he is very talented guy.

Review of all three episodes of Dhindora together –

As we have said earlier, this show is going to be a masterpiece. And after Dhindora becomes successful, fans will definitely request season 2nd of Dhindora. Almost all the people are giving positive reviews about the show. The rating of Dhindora is already very high.  

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Dhindora episode 3 story

Episode 3 begins with the highlight of episode 2. After that the show starts with the entry of Mr. Hola (Hola is the character played by Bhuvan). Hola and his office mates are talking about Babloo. 

After that Hola has left for the home and suddenly he hears some sound. He heard some sound of walking and that sound was Bhuvan and his friends. All of them are staring at Mr.Hola. Hola is the friend of Babloo ji (Father of Bhuvan).

Now there is the twist, what has Hola done so that Bhuvan and his friends are staring at him. So we will tell what happens next, Bhuvan asks Hola about the accident of his father. But hola told all the truth. After hearing the truth Bhuvan and his friends got sad. 

Now in the hospital scene Bhuvan and Dr. Tara made a plan of Coffee. Bhuvan’s mother looks very happy after the news of the lottery ticket and Bhuvan telling her not to tell anyone about the lottery. Next, his mother calls Titu Mama. Yes you heard right. In the end of the episode you will be surprised to know that our Titu mama is back. Most of us who have watched Bhuvan’s old videos available on his YouTube channel “BB ki Vines” can easily remember who Titu Mama is. 

When his mother calls Titu Mama, Titu Mama is in a sticky situation. After that episode ends, this creates suspense in our minds about what will happen in the next episode, and what will happen with Titu Mama next.

Dhindora episode 3 watch on YouTube

People who haven’t watch Episode 3 of Dhindora, for what are you waiting for. Go and search Dhindora episode 3 and start watching. Don’t forget to like and comment, so Bhuvan’s hard-work paid off in creating this show.

For watching Dhindora episode 3, click on the link below.

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Dhindora web series Bhuvan Bam

Bhuvam Bam became well known with his YouTube channel “BB Ki Vines” (Bhuvan Bam Ki Vines), in 2015. The channel turned out to be ridiculously well known making him a momentary achievement. From that point forward, Bhuvan Bam worked together with a few vloggers and YouTubers and surprisingly showed up in a short film, Plus Minus, featuring Divya Dutta.

Bollywood Celebrities on Dhindora

There are many celebrities who are also very excited for Dhindora. One of them is SS Rajamouli sir, Indian film director. He is one of the top and best film directors. He wished him luck for Dhindora. Dhindora is the show which has not only impressed fans but also Celebrity director SS Rajamouli. 

Many other celebrities also showed support to bhuvan by sharing his series poster on their instagram and wished him luck for this project. All the hard work Bhuvan Bam has done for creating this show has paid off.

Some important information about Dhindora episode 3

Release date – 28 October 2021

Language – Hindi 

Filming Location – India 

Production Company – BB ki Vines 

Available on – YouTube 

Created by – Bhuvan Bam

Duration – 16 minutes 50 Seconds

How many episodes of Dhindora has released till now? 

Total 3 episodes have been released on BB ki Vines YouTube channel. Below are the name and release date of episodes – 

1. Lag Gayi, released on 14th October 2021.

2. Baasi Roti, released on 21st October 2021.

3. Nano Thug Lenge, released on 28th October 2021.

And now rest of the episodes will be released on thursday of each week. So stay tuned for the latest episode of Dhindora and enjoy.

Copyring BB ki Vines
Copyright BB ki Vines

Dhindora Episode 3 Entry of Titu Mama

Finally, our favourite titu mama has taken an entry in the Dhindora web series. But sadly, after his entry the episodes end. No worries, we will see him in an upcoming episode which is coming next week. The 4th episode is going to be more amazing as all of us will see all the characters of BB in the same episode. 

Titu mama is a character which is played by Bhuvan Bam itself. In one interview Bhuvan has said that “Titu Mama” is my favourite character. He also said that the Titu Mama character is the real one who is based on his uncle. 

Titu mama is a character which is very funny and you can’t ignore and hate this character. The dialogues and funny words by Titu mama are amazing.

What will happen in episode 4? 

In the 4th Episode of Dhindora anything can happen, but after the entry of Titu Mama the show will become more popular. Titu Mama is the most famous character of Bhuvan Bam. 

Dhindora Episode 3 Cast

Bhuvan Bam as Various Characters. (First time appeared characters – Hola and Titu Mama in Dhindora)

Gayatri Bhardwaj as Dr. Tara

Ankur Pathak as Lottery Boy

Anup Soni as Reporter (Self Character)

Badri Chavan as Rickshaw Guy 

Arun Kushwah as Telemarketing Baba

Frequently asked questions about Dhindora episode 3

• Who is Titu Mama in this episode?

Titu Mama is the character played by Bhuvan himself. He is a very famous character of all the BB ki Vines fans. Almost all of them love this characters. Because this is the most funny character.

• What is the duration of Dhindora episode 3? 

The episode duration is only 16 minutes 50 seconds, a few minutes of the show you will see the previous episode story.

• When will the next Dhindora episode be released?

It is official by Bhuvan, that the next episode is releasing on 4 November 2021. Bhuvan has said that each episode will be released on Thursday of every week.

• What is the rating of Dhindora web series?

Dhindora web series will definitely become the most rated web series in India. As the show rating is 9.9 out of 10.

• Is this show worth watching?

Yes, of course. This is the best show to watch. Anyone who wants to laugh enough must watch this show. It makes you entertained. All the characters are so funny that you can’t stop your laugh.

• Is it free to watch Dhindora ?

Yes, Dhindora web series is available for free on YouTube. Just search for Dhindora and start watching and we hope you like this show.

Hope you like reading this article and if you have any update regarding this show then must drop below on the comment section.

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