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As we all know that the previous month 14th October, we have seen the first episode of Dhindora web series and now 4 episodes of Dhindora have been released.

Recently, Dhindora episode 4 has also been released on youtube. And we are here to give a review of this episode (after watching). We will give our honest review about this show. If you have also watched Dhindora Episode 4 then comment down so that we can also get information we missed. Below we have discussed all the important information about Dhindora Episode 4 and the review of this episode.

DTYDHTB full form

This dtydhtb is popular after titu mama used in his dialogue. The full form of dtydhtb is “Don’t tech your Daddy How to Bang”.

Dhindora Episode 4 Story

As usual for the first few minutes you will see the previous episode recap so that you will remember well what happened in the previous episode.

Now the story starts, Bhuvan and his friends are asking people about the accident of Bablu ji. But nobody knows about it.

Later on Titu Mama is kidnapped by his childhood friend ‘Lakhan’. Because Titu has taken money from him and not given back all that money. Now their conversation starts and you will laugh when they talk. Because they deliver some funny and comedy dialogues. 

After that Janki (Bhuvan’s mother and Titu’s Sister) calls Titu and tell him about the lottery ticket. Now Titu and his friend Lakhan are shocked. 

They both remember their childhood memories when they take money from Janki.

And for the rest of the story, watch episode 4 on youtube.

Dhindora Episode 4 – Click here to watch 

Dhindora Web series Trailer

Dhindora Episode 4 Watch

Some people don’t know where to watch the Dhindora web series. So we are here to tell them, Dhindora web series will be released on YouTube. And you can watch it for free.

Watch Dhindora Episode 4 only on “BB ki Vines” 

Dhindora Episode 4 Download

Many people who don’t have a proper internet connection can watch Dhindora offline by downloading it on YouTube. 

First search “Dhindora Episode 4” on YouTube then click on the first video and download it. It will save on your phone or device. Now you can watch it in your free time without any internet problems.

Dhindora Episode 4 Bhuvan Bam

Almost all we have heard this name, Bhuvan is one of the popular and finest youtuber in India. Most people call him “BB”. Bhuvan has created many funny videos in his career. He got enough respect from people and after that he decided to do something big. And he decided to create a web show for people and named the show “Dhindora” which is based on the life of Middle class people. 

Dhindora Episode 4 Titu Mama

Titu Mama is one of the best and finest characters played by Bhuvan Bam. This character got enough love from the audience. And Titu Mama is the personal favourite character of Bhuvan. In one interview, Bhuvan said that out of all of my characters; Titu Mama is my favourite character. 

Dhindora Web series episode list

Lag Gayi  –                 – 14 Oct. 2021

Baasi Roti                 – 21 Oct. 2021

Nano Thug Lenge.   – 28 Oct. 2021

Saste Sherlock        –   4 Nov. 2021

Erection in progress  – 11 Nov. 2021

DTYDHTB                   – 18 Nov. 2021

Toota Ek Taara           – 25 Nov. 2021

Samay Ka Pahiya      – 2 Dec. 2021

Dhindora Total Episodes released

There are a total of 8 episodes out of which 4 have already been released on YouTube “BB ki Vines”. Below is the list of episodes which have already released – 

Lag Gayi 

Baasi Roti 

Nano Thug Lenge

Saste Sherlock

Dhindora Episode 4 Important Information

Episode name – Sasta Sherlock 

Created by – Bhuvan Bam 

Director – Himank Gaur 

Producer – Rohit Raj 

Story – Bhuvan Bam 

Duration – 19 minutes 59 seconds

Genre – Comedy 

Country of Origin – India 

Language – Hindi 

Dhindora Episode 4 Cast

Bhuvan Bam played 10 characters (New character – Titu Mama) in Dhindora.

Gayatri Bhardwaj as Dr. Tara.

Rajesh Tailang as Paarshad.

Badri Chavan as Rickshaw Guy.

Anup Soni as Reporter (Crime Petrol).

Arun Kushwah as Telemarketing Baba.


All the important information and review of Dhindora Episode 4 is given above in detail. If you haven’t watched Dhindora episode 4 yet. Then above we have added the video link. 

If you have any important update about the Dhindora web series then you must comment below. 

Dhindora Episode 4 : Frequently Asked Questions 

• How many total episodes are there in the Dhindora web series?

Lot of people are asking how many episodes are there in Dhindora? There are a total of 8 episodes in this series.

• When will Dhindora Episode 5 be released?

Dhindora episode 5 will be released on 11 November only on YouTube. And rest of the episodes will be released on thursday of each upcoming week. 

• How many characters are played by Bhuvan Bam in the Dhindora web series?

There are a total of 10 Characters played by Bhuvan Bam in Dhindora web series. Recently two new characters arrived in the show (Hola and Titu Mama). 

• Is it free to watch Dhindora? 

Yes of course, Dhindora is totally free to watch. You can watch it on YouTube for free. 

Thanks for reading this article and I hope you like it.

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