Dhindora Episode 5 Review: Cast, Storyline, FAQs, and Conclusion

All the BB ki Vines fans are very happy as the wait for Dhindora 5th episode is over. Finally Dhindora episode 5 has been released on youtube. And it has already crossed 4 million plus views in 4 hours. Fans have shown so much love to this web show. 

Keep reading the article, because below we will give an honest review about ‘Dhindora Episode 5’. 

Review of Dhindora Episode 5

So the review is as usual very positive. Because the show is very awesome, comedy and interesting. There are many funny moments which made us laugh while watching. But if you are on your way to watch the 5th episode of Dhindora then you must use headphones while watching. Because there are some abusive words used in the show. 

Fans have shown so much love to this show. All the episodes have crossed millions of views in a day. And most of the people say that this series is going to be all time best and top rated in India. 

Below we have mentioned some more details about the Dhindora web series. So read the full article if possible.

Dhindora Episode 5 Story

First you will see the previous episode’s story highlighted on a black and white screen. Later on episode starts, you will see Titu Mama and Janki are face to face and talking to each other. 

Titu mama is telling the whole story about how Bablu ji got hit by his car but sadly no one believes him. His story is that Titu is driving a car and talking with Lakhan on the phone call. Suddenly he hits Bablu ji by car but by mistake, he doesn’t see him. But Janki and other family member’s don’t believe him. 

Now the intro of Dhindora starts and next scene appears, Paarshad arrives in the house of Bablu ji. And take him out with due respect. Now all the people who are standing outside of Bablu Ji’s house are garlanding him. In this scene you will laugh because there are some comedy dialogues which make you laugh.

Scene from bar, where Bhuvan and tara are talking and on the other side Titu mama and Bhuvan’s friends are talking. Suddenly bhuvan stand and went to Titu mama after hearing his voice. And one man sent accident footage in Bhuvan’s friend’s phone. In the footage, hola had kicked his father ‘Bablu ji’. They all got very shocked after seeing the footage. Now the rest of the story you will see in the next episode.

Dhindora 5 release date

Dhindora episode 5 has already been released today i.e., on 11 November 2021. As we have told you earlier that all the episodes will release on Thursday of each week. Now rest of the episodes will also come on thursday of each upcoming week.

Dhindora Where to watch  

You can watch Dhindora web series all the episodes on youtube on BB ki Vines channel. 

Open YouTube and search for Dhindora web series. Now click on the first video and start watching.

Is the Dhindora web series worth watching?

Yes of course ! Nobody can hate this series and Bhuvan because Bhuvan is such a humble and very talented guy who is hardworking for making us laugh. He has created many comedy videos we loved to watch.

If you feel depressed or tired, just open YouTube and start watching Dhindora from the start. I can definitely say that your mood will change instantly. 

Dhindora Episode 5 watch online

You can watch Dhindora web series online only on YouTube. if you haven’t watched the 5th episode of Dhindora web series then below is the video link.

If you have missed any of the episodes then don’t worry you can watch them also on youtube. Below are the links of all the episodes (released yet) of Dhindora web series.

Dhindora Episode 1 watch below

Dhindora Episode 2 watch below

Dhindora Episode 3 watch below

Dhindora Episode 4 watch below

Dhindora Web Series Bhuvan Bam

Bhuvan Bam, Almost all of us know about this man. He is one of the well known creators of India. His YouTube channel is called BB ki Vines. He has more than 20 million subscribers on youtube. 

He started his YouTube career in 2015. And he has created videos with many big bollywood celebrities; Shahrukh Khan, Karan Johar, Alia Bhatt and more. 

A few months ago, Bhuvan lost his parents. They both get infected by Covid-19 and sadly leave Bhuvan alone in this world. Few days later Bhuvan got very sad but later on he decided to begin with a fresh start and was proud of his Aayi and Baba. He loves them so much. He has dedicated this masterpiece (Dhindora Web series) to his parents.

He is also the most followed Indian youtuber on Instagram. Recently he has done one song with the very beautiful actress “Shradha Kapoor”. 

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More information about Dhindora web series episode 5 – 

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Release Date11 November 2021
SubtitleHindi, English
Filming LocationIndia
Production CompanyBB ki Vines
Available onYoutube
Created byBhuvan Bam
Duration16 min 49 sec

Dhindora Episode 5 Ending

Ending is very surprising, Titu Mama and Bhuvan Bam (along with his friends) talking to a detective who tells everything by taking Rs20. He sent a video in which Hola kicked Bablu when Titu Mama’s car was crossing. By this incident it is sure that Hola is the main culprit in Bablu Ji’s accident case. After seeing Hola in camera footage Bhuvan and Titu mama got shocked and angry.

Dhindora Season 1 all episodes list with release date

Now a total of 4 episodes of Dhindora have been released. Below is the list of Dhindora season 1 episodes with release date.

Episode 1: Lag Gayi (already released)

Episode 2: Baasi Roti (already released)

Episode 3: Nano Thug Lenge (on 28 October 2021)

Episode 4: Saste Sherlock (on 4 November 2021)

Episode 5: Erection in Progress (11 November 2021)

Episode 6: DTYDHTB (18 November 2021)

Episode 7: Toota ek Taara (25 November 2021)

Epsiode 8: Samay ka Pahiya ( 2 December 2021)

Dhindora Episode 5 BB ki Vines Main Cast

• Bhuvan Bam played 10 roles in this show (such as Bhuvan, Sameer, Titu, Bablu and more)

• Gayatri Bhardwaj as Tara

• Badri Chavan as Rickshaw Guy

• Jeeveshu Ahluwalia as Chef 

• Rajesh Tailang as Paarshad 

• Arun Kushwaha as Telemarketing Baba

Conclusion : 

If you have read the article fully then definitely you will get all the information about the Dhindora web series. If you have any update about the Dhindora web series then don’t forget to comment down. 

Thanks for visiting our website and hope you like our review about Dhindora.

Frequently Asked Questions : Dhindora Web Series Episode 5 

What is the relation of Titu and Janki?

Titu is the younger brother of Janki. People who have watched BB ki Vines old videos on youtube, they already know about Titu mama.

What is the duration of Dhindora Episode 5?

The duration of 5th episode of Dhindora is 16 minute 59 seconds. All the episodes released till now have below 20 minutes duration time.

When will Dhindora Episode 6 be released?

As usual the next episode of Dhindora web series will release on next thursday i.e., 18 November 2021.

Is Dhindora web series available on YouTube?

Yes, Dhindora web series is available on YouTube. And the best thing is that you can watch it for free of cost.

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