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Today is ‘Thursday’ and the wait is over. Dhindora Episode 6 was released today on BB ki Vines YouTube channel at 2 PM. All the BB fans are happy because their wait is over and now they can watch and enjoy the show. 

And after watching Episode 6 we are here 6 to give you an honest review of Dhindora Episode 6. And if you have also watched Episode 6 then don’t forget to comment down about this episode. So keep reading the article and enjoy reading.

Dhindora Episode 6 Review after watching

The story of Episode 6 is very interesting and funny. I bet you can’t control your laugh. As laughing is the best medicine of life, Dhindora might be a useful medicine for you.

So our review about Dhindora is totally positive because the show has no mistakes and all the scenes are quite interesting to watch. Dhindora is one of the top rated web series in India. It had already crossed 9.5 rating out of 10. It means the show is going super.

Dhindora Episodes 6 Released date and time

Finally after one long week, Dhindora Episode 6 was released today (18 November 2021) on 2 PM. This episode has been released on BB ki Vines YouTube channel. 

Dhindora Episode 6 Where to Watch

There is one place to watch Dhindora web series and that is only on YouTube. Open YouTube and search Dhindora Episode 6 and watch it. Don’t watch it anywhere else, because Bhuvan Bam has done very hard work for creating this show. So we should support him by viewing this show on youtube. Lastly, don’t forget to like and comment on this Episode.

Dhindora Episode 6 Storyline

If you haven’t watched the previous episodes of Dhindora web series then you must watch them before watching episode 6. So that you can understand the story easily. Below we will provide all the episode links so that you don’t have to go anywhere and search for the episode you want to see.

So the story starts in black and white, showing all the previous scenes. After that colorful screen appears and episode 6 starts, where Titu Mama is sitting in the iron shop and thinking about his sister (Janki). And a worker comes with one iron (weapon) for Titu mama. After that there is a funny conversation between both of them. You must watch that conversation. 

After that Dhindora Web series intro appears, Bhuvan and Gayatri were sitting and talking with each other. Their conversation is all about Bhuvan’s singing school and about lottery tickets. After that scene, Titu Mama and Bhuvan’s Friend went to Hola’s house silently. Sameer and Bancho both catch Hola and ask him to tell the truth about Babloo Ji’s accident.

Suddenly, Hola laughed and told all the truth about the accident that “He pushed Babloo ji ” when Titu Mama’s car was crossing from there. After hearing all the truth from Hola’s mouth, Titu called Bhuvan and asked him to come home. 

Now, Titu mama proved the truth in front of his sister, Janki. They both got emotional and hugged each other after watching Hola’s witness video.

After this scene, Bhuvan and his parents are watching TV and eating. Suddenly Babloo ji’s phone rang, he declined the first time but he picked the call second time and went to the corner for the conversation. Bhuvan is listening to all the conversations of Babloo ji by hiding behind the wall. Bhuvan got shocked after hearing the conversation of Babloo ji on call with his office friend, that Babloo ji has not lost his memory he is doing drama in front of his family. After that Bhuvan asks him why he has done all this, but this is the end of this episode. Now for the answer of this question we all have to wait for Episode 7.

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Dhindora Episode List

Below is the complete list of Episodes of  Dhindora web series.

1. Lag Gayi 

2. Baasi Roti

3. Nano Thug Lenge

4. Saste Sherlock

5. Erection in progress


7. Toota Ek Taara 

8. Samay Ka Pahiya 

More information about Dhindora Web Series

Created by – Bhuvan Bam 

Story and Dialogues – Bhuvan Bam 

Total episodes – 8 

Director – Himank Gaur 

Producer – Rohit Raj

Editor – Rishabh Malhotra 

Streaming Network – YouTube 

Singers/Lyricist – Kailash Kher, Rekha Bhardwaj, Bhuvan Bam

Filming Location – India 

Language – Hindi 

Production Company – BB Ki Vines 

Will there be season 2 of Dhindora?

 At present there is only one season of the Dhindora web series. But if people support this show more and more then Bhuvan will definitely create the second chapter of Dhindora web series. So we all have to support Bhuvan Bam because he has done such hard work in creating this masterpiece.

Dhindora Full Web Series

There are a total of 8 episodes in Dhindora and out of which 6 have been released. So you can watch the full web series now, but you can watch the Dhindora web series till episode 6 at the same time. 

Click here to Watch the Dhindora Full Web Series 

Dhindora Episode 7 Release date

We have already told you earlier, about the release dates of all the Episodes of Dhindora web series.

 Dhindora episode 7 will be released on 25 November 2021. Each episode will be released on thursday of each week.

Dhindora Episode 6 BB ki Vines Main Cast

• Bhuvan Bam played 10 roles in this show (Bhuvan, Bancho das, Titu Mama, Babloo and more)

• Gayatri Bhardwaj as Tara

• Badri Chavan as Rickshaw Guy

• Rajesh Tailang as Paarshad 

• Anup Soni – Self character (Anup Soni)

Conclusion : Thanks for reading this article and hope you enjoy reading this article. If you haven’t watched Episode 6 of Dhindora web series yet, then above we have added the direct link of the video. Go and watch it. 

Frequently Asked Questions : Dhindora Episode 6 

• Who has created the Dhindora Web Series?

Dhindora is created by Bhuvan Bam. Bhuvan is very popular and one of the finest youtuber in India. He has 20 million plus subscribers on his YouTube channel named “BB ki Vines”. 

• How many episodes are there in Dhindora?

As we have already told you, there are a total of 8 episodes of Dhindora Web series and out of which 6 episodes have already been released. 

• When will Episode 7 of Dhindora be released?

Dhindora Episode 7 will be released on 25th November 2021. You have to wait for one week to see the 7th episode of Dhindora.

• Is it worth watching the Dhindora web series?

Yes, of course. Dhindora is one of the most popular web series in India. The rating of this show is more than 9.50 out of 10. So you must watch this show because it is worth watching.

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