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After one long week, we all are happy because Episode 7 of Dhindora was released today on Youtube. All the Bhuvan Bam fans always eagerly wait for each episode of Dhindora web series. But the wait is over now. Now you can Dhindora Episode 7 now in full HD quality.

Also, this article is all about the review and rating of the Dhindora Web Series. As you know that a total of 6 episodes were released previously and by adding 7th episode. There are a total of 7 Episodes released till now out of 8. We hope you all have watched all the previous Episodes. If you have watched then it’s very great but if you don’t, then don’t worry we will add all the previous episodes direct link of Dhindora (including episode 7) web series below, so that you can directly visit the video page.

Dhindora Web Series : All About 

Dhindora web Series is all about the life of the middle class which is presented by Bhuvan Bam perfectly. This show is all about the Ups and Down of the middle class family. Like – Babloo ji bought lottery tickets, all the family members were happy but stay tuned to the show there will be some twists which may surprise you definitely.

Dhindora Episode 7 Release Time : 

Dhindora Episode 7 was released today on 2PM. On 2PM there is a Live watching with thousands of BB fans. After that you can watch show when you want (in your own time).

Dhindora Episode 7 Review after watching

So we will start from the cast, the whole cast is great and very talented. Bhuvan is already a talented guy, not only talented, he is multi-talented. After that, the direction is perfect and the quality of the show is awesome. You can watch the show in Ultra HD quality. Overall we will only say that this series is a masterpiece and will definitely break the record of Indian OTT industry. 

Dandora episode 7 where to watch

If you want to watch the 7th episode of Dhindora web series then you only have to visit YouTube. Because the show is available on YouTube and you can watch it for free. For watching the seventh episode of Dhindora you need to search for episode 7 on the YouTube search bar. 

Now click on the first video and start watching it.

Dhindorara Episode 7 Storyline

In which episode we will see the previous episode’s story. Same in this episode you will see the story of episode 6 in highlights. After the highlights of the 6 episodes are over, the intro of the dhindora web series appears. Now the seventh episode starts, you will see Bhuvan earring on his father Bablu ji. Because as you see e in the previous episode we have seen that Bablu ji is doing a drama of his memory loss. But we don’t know why he has done this. In this episode Bhuvan and all the offers will get the answer of the question why Bablu ji has done this. If you have not watched this episode yet, watch it. We will provide the link to Dhindora Episode 7 below.

Bhuvan, after listening to his father’s conversation, tries to ask his father why he has done this. And after that one neighbour kid calls Bablu ji to show Bablu Ji’s statue. Nau bhavan cost Bablu ji the same question that bi he has done throughout this drama of memory loss.  

For the full story, watch Episode 7 on YouTube. Link is available below. 

Dhindora All Episodes Link

Episode 1 :

Episode 2 :

Epsiode 3 :

Episode 4 :

Episode 5 :

Episode 6 :

Episode 7 :

Some more important information about Dhindora Web Series : 

Title of the Web Series – Dhindora

Created by – Bhuvan Bam

Director – Rohit Raj 

Producer – Himank Gaur 

Total Season – 1 (Present)

Total Episodes – 8

Language – Hindi 

Subtitle – Hindi and English 

Filming Location – India 

Production Company – BB ki Vines 

Available on – YouTube 

Duration of Each Episode – Round 20 minutes each

Dhindora Web series episode list

Many people I don’t know the the schedule of dindora web series each episode. Padam we have created a table showing all the episodes date it and releasing time. So below you can check all the episodes dates – 

Lag Gayi  –                 – 14 Oct. 2021

Baasi Roti                 – 21 Oct. 2021

Nano Thug Lenge.   – 28 Oct. 2021

Saste Sherlock        –   4 Nov. 2021

Erection in progress  – 11 Nov. 2021

DTYDHTB                   – 18 Nov. 2021

Toota Ek Taara           – 25 Nov. 2021

Samay Ka Pahiya      – 2 Dec. 2021

Dhindora Episode 4 Cast  

Below are all the important cast in Dhindora Episode 7.

Bhuvan Bam : Bhuvan, Babloo Ji, Janki Ji, Mr Hola, Titu Mama, and more.

Gayatri Bhardwaj : Doctor Tara

Rajesh Tailang : Parshad 

Other People : Bhuvan’s Neighbour

Dhindora Episode 8 Release Date : 

As many of you know, episodes of Dhindora are released on Thursday of every week. So this episode of Dora will also be released next Thursday, which is on 4 December.

We know that you are eagerly waiting for an episode of the Dhindora web series because we all love this show.

Conclusion : 

At the end, we will only say that if you haven’t watched the Dhindora web series from the beginning, then don’t wait to go and watch it. Support Bhuvan Bam because he is one of the finest creators in India. He has created this masterpiece by his hard work. 

And thanks for visiting our website.

Frequently Asked Question and Answers : Dhindora Web Series

• How many episodes of the Dhindora web series have been released till now?

Total 7 episodes have been released out of 8. And all the seven episodes are very interesting and amazing to watch.

• When will the 7th episode of Dhindora be released?

Next episode i.e., 7th episode of Dhindora will be released on 4th December 2021.

• Is Dhindora Web Series the best series to watch?

Yes, Dhindora is one of the best web series in India to watch. I bet you, you can’t hate this show. Because the show is full of comedy and emotions.

• Who is the Director of Dhindora web series?

Rohit Raj is the director of Dhindora Web Series. He is the old friend or manager of Bhuvan Bam.

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