Kota Factory Season 2 review after watching

Finally Kota Season 2 has been released on Netflix and many of us have already watched it. So today we are giving a review on the Second Season of Kota Factory. Like the Kota Factory first, this season is also realistic and interesting. Second season starts from the season’s first ending scenes, where Vaibhav Pandey shifts from Prodigy classes to Maheshwari Classes. We will tell you the review in detail, keep reading the article. This is a positive review as the series itself is positive.

In the first few minutes of the show, we have seen Kota filled in color but as the show runs it turns into black and white which describes the black and white life of Kota students who come to Kota to study and struggle a lot in Kota.

The performance of the whole cast is great. All the characters look real on screen. Trio of Vaibhav Pandey, Balmukund Meena and Uday Gupta made us laugh once again. 

Jeetu Bhaiya is back with his motivational dialogues and thoughts which motivates all of us. One of the best characters is ‘Jeetu Bhaiya’.

Kota Factory Season 2 Watch Online

You can watch Kota factory season 2 online, if you have a Netflix subscription. Because the show has already been released on Netflix. Go and watch the full season on Netflix now by clicking on the link below.


Kota Factory Season 2 Download

You can also watch this show offline by downloading it on Netflix. You only need a Netflix subscription to watch this show.

There are many people who don’t have wifi in their house so they can download it and watch it offline in their free time with a chill mood.

Kota Factory Season 2 release date

Kota factory Season 2 has already released on one of the popular OTT Platform “Netflix” on 24th September.

Kota factory season 2 review in Hindi

Their are lots of reviewer out their on the kota factory season 2 review in hindi but you can read our review as well on kota factory season 2 review in hindi.

Kota Factory Season 2 Total Episodes

There are a total of 5 episodes in Kota Factory Season 2. Below we have also mentioned the name of the episodes.

Episode Number         Episode Name

Episode 1                     Reasoning

Episode 2                  Control System

Episode 3               Atmospheric Pressure

Episode 4                Repair & Maintenance

Episode 5                       Packaging

Kota Factory Season 2 all episodes summaries

Episode 1 : Reasoning

In the first episode of the series, Vaibhav Pandey and his new friend Sushrut went to Maheshwari Classes for their first day. They both are going to attend their orientation program in Maheshwari Classes. And on the other side Vaibhav’s prodigy Friendship left prodigy classes and started studying Jeetu bhaiya’s new coaching classes “Aimers”.

Vaibhav takes his new friends to Jeetu Bhaiya so that Jeetu Bhaiya gives the answer to his question ‘Why is IIT important?’.

Episode 2 : Control System

In this episode Vaibhav Pandey doesn’t understand the Physics subject in Maheshwari Classes. And he decided to study Physics from Jeetu Bhaiya. Then he struggles to get out from Maheswari Classes to Aimers Classes (Classes of Jeetu Bhaiya). And finally he gets permission from Maheshwari sir to attend Jeetu Bhaiya’s class.

Episode 3 : Atmospheric Pressure

Third episode of second season, Jeetu Bhaiya is searching for some good teachers for his coaching classes who can teach well and can make bonds with students like Jeetu Bhaiya do.

Also, Vartika Ratawal refuses Jeetu Bhaiya’s test. Then Jeetu Bhaiya explains to Meenal, the importance of IIT in their life and motivates all the students.

Episode 4 : Repair Maintenance

Vaibhav Pandey got sick and he can concentrate on his studies due to weakness in his body. After Jeetu Bhaiya’s advice he went to the doctor and did a full body checkup then he got jaundice. After that Jeetu Bhaiya told him to call his mother in Kota so that he feels good. After he got well, Jeetu Bhaiya said him to send back to your mother because Vaibhav is not focusing on his studies and gossiping with mom and enjoying his study time with mom without focusing on studies.

Episode 5 : Packaging

Episode 5 shows us that the whole Kota is on Celebration mode for the JEE result and all the students are in tension for their result. Maheshwari Classes got their AIR1 in JEE Advanced “Utsav Mangalani ”.

In the end Vernali, a student of Jeetu Bhaiya done suicide because she doesn’t get enough rank or marks in her JEE advanced exam. This is not shown in the show but the sound of Ambulance and her mother shows the rest.

Where to watch Kota Factory Season 2 ?

The first season of Kota Factory is available on YouTube. Everyone can watch the first season for free on TVF YouTube channel. But you can’t watch the second season for free because this time you have to watch it on Netflix.

Kota Factory Season 2 Moviesflix

Many people don’t have Netflix subscription, so they can watch Kota Factory season 2 on Moviesflix. Moviesflix is the website which supports free movies & web series streaming and download. It is a free movie downloading website in which you can download high quality movies and web series (Like – 480p, 720p, 1080p, 4K). You can download Bollywood, Hollywood, Indian regional movies, Web shows and more from Moviesflix.

Director Raghav Subbu’s views on Kota Factory

Director Raghav Subbu said that he seek to create stories which inspires the audience and motivates them. He also said that Kota Factory Season 2 story tells all about the struggle students face in Kota every day.

Kota Factory Season 3 Ending

In the last episode, we saw that there is the celebration of JEE results in Kota. All the students are nervous about their result. Vernali is in a very depressing situation for her JEE exam. Many students failed or did not got enough rank for selection, so Jeetu Bhaiya arranged the party. As part is going on there comes one call to Jeetu Bhaiya’s assistant Bablu. And there’s one sound in the background ‘Vernali’, Ambulance sound. We think that Vernali has done suicide because she doesn’t get enough rank in JEE and the rest is suspense left by TVF.

Kota Factory Season 2 Information

Title of the series : Kota Factory ( Season 2 )

Total Episodes : 5

Director – Raghav Subbu

Country of Origin – India

Language – Hindi

Filming locations – Kota, Rajasthan (India)

Platform – Netflix

Quality Support – 480p, 720p, 1080p

Kota Factory Season 2 Created by

Arunabh Kumar, Saurabh Khanna and Raghav Subbu

Kota Factory Season 2 Cast

Real Name                   Reel Name 

Jitendra Kumar           Jeetu Bhaiya

Mayur More               Vaibhav Pandey

Ranjan Raj                Balmukund Meena

Ahsaas Channa       Shivangi Ranawat

Alam Khan                   Uday Gupta

Revathi Pillai               Vartika Ratawal

Urvi Singh                    Meenal Parekh

Vaibhav Thakkar          Sushrut Patel

Sameer Saxena            Maheshwari Sir

Other Cast –

Arun Kumar                       Deepak

Jyoti Gauba                Mummy (Vaibhav)

Naveen Kasturia               Dhruv

Rajesh Kumar               Gagan Rastogi

Jaiti Khera                     Sarika Mittal

Abhaya Sharma                Vernali

Harish Peddinti                  Bablu

Abhishek Jha         Maheshwari’s Assistant

The Second part of the Kota Factory is streaming now on Netflix. First season is available for free on YouTube. So those who haven’t watched the first season can watch it on YouTube for free and then they can watch the second season on Netflix. But not for free if you have a subscription to Netflix then only you can watch the second season.

Frequently Asked Questions of kota factory season 2

How many episodes are there in Season 2 of Kota Factory ?

There are five episodes in Kota Factory season 2. Both the seasons have 5 episodes each. The duration of all the episodes is less than 60 min.

Will there be any season 3 of Kota Factory ?

It is not official from the TVF Team, but there will be Kota Factory season 3. Because the ending of season 2 was suspenseful for all of us about what will happen next.

Is Kota Factory a real story ?

Kota Factory is the inspirational and realistic story for all the IIT Aspirants. It inspires every student to reach their goal in their field.

Is Kota Factory made by Unacademy ?

The Kota Factory show is made by both TVF and Unacademy (an online education platform). They created this masterpiece and uploaded it to the TVF YouTube channel.

Who is Jeetu Bhaiya in real life ?

Jeetu Bhaiya, role played by Jitendra Kumar and Indian actor. He is better known for his characters like Jeetu Bhaiya in Kota Factory, Abhishek Tirpathi in Panchayat ( Web Series on Prime Video ) and Aman Tirpathi in Shubh Mangal Zyada Savdhan. He has also won Best actor award on Filmfare OTT award for web series ‘Panchayat’.

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