PUBG new state: Pre-register Exclusive rewards 2021

Good news for gamers because PUBG: New State is finally coming to India. And pre-registration has already started on Google Playstore & App Store with exclusive rewards. People who pre-register for this game will get the best rewards. This game was first announced in February but later on, they were delayed due to some reason.

PUBG New State is totally free to play a new game and it is also an epic battleground game with 3D Sound and Realistic graphics.

Alpha test of PUBG New State has also been done in many countries. And both the alpha tests have been done successfully. Now, krafton is set to launch New State soon this year. PUBG New State has completed 40 Million Pre-registration and has done alpha tests in 28 countries.  So the wait is over. PUBG New State is soon launching in all 28 countries.

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Pre-registration process for PUBG: New State

You have to pre-register on Google Playstore or App store. You can follow the below steps for pre-registration of PUBG New State for the Limited Vehicle Skin (Permanent) for pre-registering.

For Android :

1. First step is to open the Google Playstore on your phone.

2. On the top search bar, search ” Pubg New State “.

3. Click on the official app for PUBG New State.

4. Now you will see one green color pre-register button, just click on that button.

5. Now the notification will come when the game is launched in India.

For iOS :

1. This process is the same as above, first open the App Store on your iOS device.

2. Search ‘Pubg New State’ on the search bar of the App Store.

3. Now click on the official app.

4. After the app opens, you will see one pre-register button, just tap on it.

Minimum Specs for PUBG New State ( By Krafton ):

 For Android

   • 2 GB RAM

   • Android OS 6.0

For iOS

  • iPhone 6s or Higher

  • iOS 13.0 or Higher

Special Features of PUBG New State

• Graphics of this game are Ultra-realistic. The gaming experience of this game is amazing.

•  Player Statistics Report. Players can see their game statistics report ( including kills, win, top 10, death, and more ).

Also, you can see other people’s statistics reports.

• Immense Action. Real players fight with each other on this BattleGround to win the match.

• New characters. There will be more surprising or unique characters than PUBG Mobile.

• Recruiting enemies. This is the unique feature added by Krafton on PUBG New State. Now you add an opponent to your team by knocking and recruiting ( reviving ) an enemy.

Reasons to play PUBG New State

• Realistic Graphic. Set graphics according to your device, low graphics are also available for low-end devices.

• Team Play. Play with teammates in your team strategy and win Chicken dinner.

• Tons of guns and vehicle skins available. You can open crates for getting more skins. Open more crates and get a higher chance of getting legendary skins.

• Controls & Sensitivity. There are simple controls. You can customize your own control and sensitivity for better gaming.

Recruiting Opponent Feature

This feature is gonna make this game amazing. As you can knock and recruit (or revive) the opponent and make him/her your teammate. But if all of your teammates are alive then you can’t recruit any enemy into your team. This feature doesn’t work in Solo mode, it only works in duo and squad mode. In short, this feature only works when your teammate gets eliminated from the match.

The full team list of your team ( including recruited players) will show on the left side of your gaming screen.

What will be the PUBG New State in-game currency?

In PUBG Mobile we know that there is UC by which we can buy the royal passes and open crates and more. But in PUBG New State there will be ” NC “. We have written “NC” price for the Indian region below –

60NC Rs 89
180NCRs 269
600NCRS 899
1500NCRS 1700
2950NCRS 4499
5900NCRS 8900
pubg new state NC price in India


For official news, you can visit PUBG New State’s official website. We have added the official website address of PUBG New State below:

 Frequently Asked Question for PUBG New State

When will PUBG New State is set to launch in India?

The release date for PUBG New State has not been announced by Krafton yet. But the expected date is October 8, 2021. However, Indians are excited about this game because of Ultra-realistic graphics.

What about the size of PUBG New State?

The expected size of this game is more than 1.5 GB. For playing the game you have to download PUBG New State from Google Playstore after it launches in India.

Will PUBG New State be available on iOS?

Yes, of course. Krafton has announced that  PUBG New State will be available for both Android and iOS. But first, you have to pre-register for this game on the App Store, and when this game will launch you will get a notification about it on the app store.

Is PUBG: New State a paid game?

No, krafton earlier said that PUBG is a free-to-play gaming experience. You can only pay krafton for buying passes in which you will get an amazing weapon and vehicle skins. So you can show off to your teammates and friends in the game.

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